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E190P/Ø125/700 ROOF FAN 7813020


Product code: 7813020

Delivery estimate: 1-2 workdays


Insulated VILPE roof fan. VILPE can be used for the entire exhaust air ventilation of a household, including the extraction of humid air from bathrooms, for example, or connected directly to the kitchen’s range hood duct. According to test results, VILPE roof fans are efficient and silent. Complies with the National Building Code of Finland (RakMK-D2). The pipe is manufactured into a silencer containing a 50mm thick layer of silencing insulation. The inner pipe is made from thin zinc-plated perforated steel plate with a lip seal. In addition to the fan, a roof pass-through set is required and selected as per the roof-covering material. Internal diameter: 125mm. External diameter: 225mm. Height from the roof surface: 700mm. Colour: brown.