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INSUPLAST 125 100MM 8335604


Product code: 8335604

Delivery estimate: 1-2 workdays


Air conditioning duct insulation manufactured from pure recyclable Ewona polyester fibre material. In terms of safety, the material is superior, due to the fact that it emits no installation dust or chemical compounds to indoor air. It has also been authorised for the Allergen-free Label of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation. The insulation material is light-weight and durable, withstands mechanical and chemical stress and moisture, and binds air effectively. The installation is easy and quick because duct insulation sheets are manufactured without splitting and they can be attached by means of butt joint connections during the duct installation work. Length: 1m. Thermal conductivity: 0.30W/(m*K)/10°C. Density: 20kg/m³. Ignitability: class 1, non-ignitable (SFS 4190:E). Fire retardation: class I, fire retardant (SFS 4192:E, VTT Test report RTE 11751/96, RTE 11713b/96). Technical approval ETA 10/0178. Emission class: M1